Satire About Anorexia Essay

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Satire Local Anorexic Still Way Too Fat Staten Island, New York- Despite years of intense dieting and vigorous exercise, local anorexic Lucy Fernandez is still excessively fat. Reported Monday to the Staten Island Advance, Fernandez who stands five feet and weighs approximately ninety pounds is still overweight and needs to lose a few pounds. “I cannot believe how gross I look,” said the corpulent Fernandez, examining herself in a full-length bathroom mirror. “I am such a whale.” Pinching her bulky, misshapen body, Fernandez expressed frustration with her inability to transform herself into a reasonably svelte person. “I eat celery, I drink only water or diet coke, I do three hours on the Stairmaster everyday,” she said. “But despite…show more content…
Other family members, as well as Fernandez’s friends and doctors, also entreat her to eat because they want her to be fat, repulsive and unliked. “Losing weight is hard enough: you faint, you vomit, you stop menstruating but it’s even harder when you do not have the support of the people around you,” she said. “Even when I did lose twenty five pounds, my friends were so jealous, telling me I looked terrible. My mom is the worst of all. She’s just afraid that if I am thin and beautiful, it will make her look bad.” Fernandez is sick of her mom, therapist, the paramedics, and doctors trying to control her. “They do not have to live in this horrible body, I do.” When she began dieting three years ago, Fernandez estimated that she would need to lose ten pounds to be able to show her body in public. That estimate has proven wrong, as, to date, she has lost thirty-five pounds and is still obese. She wants to lose five more pounds this way when she looks in the mirror she will not have to get the urge to throw up. Determined to achieve her goal of being normal looking, Fernandez has stepped up her diet and exercise regimen in recent weeks. In addition to reducing her rice cake intake to two a day, she has eliminated all high calorie foods from her diet, including microwave popcorn, frozen yogurt and salad with

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