Satire About Facebook

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Text. Email. Instagram. Facebook. MySpace. Twitter. All made to make life easier and to avoid having to face the social awkwardness of an actual conversation, but is that a good thing? Modern technological advances in the world of communication have robbed society of its ability to conversate normally. The real question is this: Will the people notice before it’s too late? Increased use of technology is bringing the decreased use of grammatical uprightness. No one spells out words anymore, it’s just not ‘cool’ or ‘convenient’. When the new technological-reliant generation goes into the real world, and actually has frequent conversations, their grammatical and sentence formulating skills will be below average. A lack of formal linguistic practice…show more content…
No one wants to talk face-to-face with anyone anymore. It’s ‘awkward’, ‘tiring’, and just unnecessary in the eyes of today’s youth, but so what? That’s the charm of it; it’s real. The fun of conversation is to make inside jokes, and tease people, and have deep conversations, and laugh at yourself later, and learn life lessons, and gain confidence, but that’s impossible over text. Technology takes away so much of life's joys and eccentricity, and makes life altogether less valuable and memorable for the newest generations. Actual communication provides so much texts can’t, and never will. Personable conversation with actual people is the reason we are alive. It’s how God created us to share His love in an authentic and effective way. It’s how we get anywhere in life. It’s how we learn. It’s how we get everything important done in an efficient way. It’s how we live. Texting and social media can seem fun and easy, and they are in some ways, but they will never provide you with the satisfaction and fulfillment that a true conversation does. So go out there, and be the change you want to see in communication in this
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