Satire Essay On Animals

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More than a million different kinds of animals inhabit the earth. The exact number is not known, for new kinds are continually being discovered. They live in the seas, from the surfaces down to the black depths where no ray of sunlight penetrates. Animals can be domesticated or left in the wild where they truly belong. However, as time passed by, nowadays, animals are endlessly being exploited and fought for around the globe. Different opinions from different countries and races have divided to defend to defend their views and make a stand. This issue about the animals’ welfare should be taken more seriously until we find the right answers.

Since time immemorial, meat has always been the human’s primary source of food even way before plants were discovered to be edible. Humans won’t
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In every laboratory, any new product or ingredient is usually tested on animals like rats, guinea pigs, dogs, or rabbits. The questionable substance according to some scientists may apply to a small area of the animal’s skin to determine primary irritation. However, we should also know that this is already too much for the animals. We may need them for food and research but we should also care for their welfare. Animals should be treated humanely, even though most people are unlikely to give up eating meat or wearing goods made from leather and wool. We, humans are given the capability to think superior than any other living creatures, that’s why we have the power to think another way to stop these exploitations. For example in fashion, designers should stop using fur and use fibers instead to make fake fur. The best part is, it can look almost identical to real
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