Satire Essay On North America

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Ordering coffee, such a straightforward, routine activity isn’t it? Tens of millions of North Americans do it on a daily basis; each and every morning they’ll head on down to their preferred local diner or joint, then mechanically spew out their order to the cashier and waltz off, steaming cup of Joe in hand, without giving the process so much as a first thought. When all has been said and done, such a trip shouldn’t cost much more than a few minutes of daylight and a Toonie. With exception to the off day where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and find yourself in a row with the young gentleman whom you swear intentionally spilled his drink on you, getting a fresh, satisfying brew to kick off your day, tends to be a laid-back excursion. But, imagine that every time you strolled into your cafe of choice to order yourself a refreshing drink, your chest instantaneously seized up, and your pulse spiked tenfold. Then, as you step in line, thousands of miniature burning needles begin relentlessly burrowing away under the surface of your skin, and no matter how much you scratch at them, the stinging simply will…show more content…
S.A.D. (a highly appropriate acronym if I do say so) transforms the most rudimentary of tasks, ordering coffee for instance, into ignominious disasters. Relationships are challenging enough without the leg up from a constant, congenital fear of scrutiny and judgement of others, consequently, any titles beyond “acquaintance” were frightfully sparse throughout virtually my entire life; Moreover, as if to intentionally scourge what minute remnants of my mental state persist, my memory possesses a sadistic obligation to archive each and every incident, prompting spontaneous waves of cringe-inducing flashbacks to periodically batter my self-esteem into a dejected pulp when I least expect
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