Satire In Monty Python

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Monty Python essay

Medieval literature is involved in the school classroom for a very long time. Medieval literature is very important and even though it's old it offers many interesting stories and life lessons. There are many medieval literature works- Beowulf, the author tales, and more. The film of Monty Python and the holy grail combines all the medieval literature and satirises them all. The Monty Python film mocks and satirizes a lot of the important themes in the medieval literature. Among the many themes it satirizes, the theme of Chivalric Code and Knightly Behavior is the most prevalent. Many themes are repeated over and over again and it is easy to draw conclusions from what we read in class to the movie. Through this essay I will show these examples.
One good example of how the film mocks Chivalric Code and Knightly Behavior is right in the beginning of the film. Author runs into a fight between and green knight and a black knight. The Black Knight kills the Green Knight while Author is there. Author tries to walk by but the black knight won't let him. So Arthur fights him. Author cuts the black knights arm off. The black knight still wants to fight when his arm is cut off. A knight is supposed to be strong and not give up. They continue to fight and Author cuts off the knight's other arm, and both legs. The Black Knight can even move at all now, but he still tries to fight Author. The code of bravery was ingrained in the knight that he was going to fight even
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