Satire Of The 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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Satire is a literary device that has been used throughout history to make political arguments by way of ridicule. It has been used in plays, comics, and novels. Shakespeare loved incorporating satire into his comedies. Jonathan Swift urged humanity to care for the hunger of the world by feasting on children. Jane Austen wrote satirically on the ways of the noble class. Time and time again, authors use strong words in powerful satire to indirectly convey influential messages. It is intended to be ironic, but not necessarily funny. Despite its light-hearted presentation, satire can be used to question human nature. In Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, satire is used to show that man is like an animal in the way that he is naturally filthy and supports an incompetent government, but also has the capacity for reason.

Swift satirized the uncleanliness that makes humans like animals through a traveler named Gulliver. The little people on the island of Lilliput treated Gulliver very poorly. He was drugged, dragged through the city, and chained to his post. No one dared to go near him because of his size, yet the Lilliputians arrogantly believed that they could kill him. While chained, Gulliver had no place to discreetly and efficiently relieve himself. He was forced to drop his waste out in the open. “The best expedient I could think on, was to creep into my house, which I accordingly did; and shutting the gate after me, I went as far as the length of my chain would suffer,
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