Satire in Tartuffe and Modest Proposal

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Charles Crespo Professor Margaret Hazell ENG 2850 9 April 2013 What is satire, satire is a particular genre of literature that sometimes makes use of graphic and performing arts with the intent of ridiculing society into self-improvement. With social criticism being its main goal, it utilizes wit and dark sarcasm as its main tools to illustrate its point. Satire influences individuals to reevaluate themselves in order to modify senseless thoughts and behaviors. Various techniques are used in order to deliver a satirist effect, those of which house wit as their main weapon. These methods harmonize the mastering of coexisting trivial and serious matters as one sarcasm, showing praise but meaning the contrary to demonstrate irony, and…show more content…
Nothing comes in the way of increasing profits and becoming more financially conservative, as well as simultaneously resolving issues with the homeless. Swift’s satirist methods seep in as he reaches out to the Irish by highlighting the dreadfulness of the situation, and more importantly how little is being done to improve it. No particular social class was held solely responsible, as it was found to have affected as high up as politicians to the lowest class. If one were to dissect this message, it demonstrates criticism aside from the Irish but overall it satirizes the incompetence mankind has in resolving our own issues. Swift is consistent with producing underlying statements that make appearances throughout the essay. These remarks shed light on his resentment towards the incompetence that we all possess. First of, Tartuffe, which in French mean “ou l’Imposteur” (the hypocrite), remains one of the most entertaining play on human greed and manipulation ever the innocent. It was created by Molière to discuss the current social scene of the time by criticizing those who use religion for their own gain. Molière accomplishes this comic effect with his style and language of the play, dedicated to exposing follies of society; his plays use a variety of techniques that have become the gold standard of comic writing. For example, “And I’m to be as quiet as a mouse, about this tyrant’s power in our house.” (Tartuffe, 145) This causes his audience

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