Satire in the Essay 'A Modest Proposal'

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Satire: A Modest (Jersey) Proposal Forget all that nonsense of college improving your character or 'teaching you how to learn.' That is so passé, so 1990s. In fact, the notion of college being necessary itself may simply be an expensive myth: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both dropped out of college, right? Sure, you can go to college to become a lawyer or a doctor and please your parents. But why bother with pesky physics and political science when there is a much more lucrative way to make a living, namely to become a reality TV star. Clearly, the marketplace alone is fit to determine what is worthy of knowing, not scholars and tradition. With this in mind, Rutgers University the state university of New Jersey has created a new class for all upcoming freshman, designed to prepare them for one of the most lucrative occupations for New Jersey residents. Yes, New Jersey has its problems the state is fiscally strapped, it was recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and even people living in Des Moines know how to make 'what's that smell' jokes. But it has produced a group of hard-working young people, all of whom have jobs that seem secure, regardless of the bad economy of course, I am speaking of the cast of the Jersey Shore. With this in mind, Snookie, the Situation, and Pauly D from Jersey Shore will teach a course at Rutgers entitled: 'How to become a cast member of a reality TV show.' In terms of job prospects, reality TV seems to provide an infinite array of
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