Satirical Essay : Satirical Abortion

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Satirical Abortion in Animated Fiction
There are many prevalent issues, including abortion, race, religion, and pedophilia, that exist not only in America, but across the world, that many people have a difficult time discussing. These topics have a tendency to make people uncomfortable, and when brought up in discussion it can be easy to offend someone who has an opposing opinion. Even though conversation about these issues is difficult to engage in, the conversations are important to have. Satire has a way of making light of uncomfortable topics, and it allows for the conversation about these topics to be started. Since satire approaches these topics in a joking manner, people might be less inclined to be offended. In Bojack Horseman and South Park, the characters are able to talk about an incredibly controversial topic, abortion, in a way that should not be taken offensively. These examples demonstrate that if done in an effective way, satire can touch upon any topic. Since these two episodes are fictional and presented as an animation, there is a separation from reality that makes it easier to tackle more controversial topics effectively. Being a cartoon, audiences automatically view these shows as as fictional, so discussion about controversial topics can be brought up and audiences are less likely to be offended. When topics that are difficult or uncomfortable to talk about are covered in different mediums, like articles, novels, and non-animated shows, it is easier for
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