Satirical Techniques Used In Political Cartoons

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Within today’s society numerous artists create enjoyable and humorous cartons about current politicians. These political cartoons use a wide range of humour and satirical devices to tease or mock the intended target. By using these methods the cartoonist can influence the audience to view the target in a particular way. This specific satirical cartoon involves Malcolm Turnbull accompanied by his wife Lucy Turnbull and a scorpion which in this cartoon represents the GST increase plan. Sean Leahy, who is the author of the cartoon has utilised a broad range of satirical devices such as symbolism, caricature and captioning to show Malcolm Turnbull’s thoughts about a rise in the GST. Symbolism is a language device which uses one thing to represent…show more content…
Captioning is a satirical device which is used to present the reader with visual text to help the viewer further understand the scenario and setting. An instance of captioning is Turnbull’s speech bubble. Malcolm Turnbull in this cartoon is using direct communication due to the type of speech bubble. Turnbull states the following within the cartoon “Look… on second thoughts… I’ll pass…” Judging by the speech bubble’s tail Malcolm Turnbull is still not 100% sure if he wants to hold back on the GST increase. It seems that Turnbull wants to increase the GST but is afraid of the outcome. Another use of captioning are the words “GST INCREASE” which are placed on the side of the scorpion which represents those words. The reason as to why those words have been placed on the side of the scorpion is to better display the subject to what Malcolm Turnbull is talking about and as to what the scorpion is representing. Another example of captioning is the use of the words “PET SHOP” this is used to establish the settings and location of the scenario. The use of captioning by the cartoonist assists the reader in identifying the key subject, settings and location to create a more interesting sensation of the
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