Satisfied By Renée Literary Devices

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There are many literary devices that are scattered throughout the song “Satisfied” that adds up to make the theme. First of all, Renée sings at the end of the song “I will never be satisfied.” This lyric suggests it being a symbolistic literary device, showing how Angelica will never be satisfied, due to her sister, Eliza, getting married to the man she fell in love with. Seeing how Angelica is described as a type of woman who is strong and empowering, this lyric shows her feeble side, a side that she never really shows to others (Goldsberry). Furthermore, the lyric “Where are you taking me?/I’m about to change your life/Then, by all means, lead the way” is sung earlier in the song. The seemingly happy lyric actually has a deeper meaning to…show more content…
This lyric is comparing Franklin’s discovery of electricity with the key and a kite to her relationship with Hamilton, two things that likely aren’t meant for each other, but when put together, make a stunning thing (Goldsberry). Paradoxically, there is a simile within the melody, which is the lyric “I remember that dreamlike candlelight/Like a dream that you can’t quite place.” This lyric compares the candlelight at where she had meet Hamilton, at the Winter’s Ball, to a dream you cannot quite place, which might suggest that she didn’t remember the surroundings quite well or that she is blocking the memory. To be honest, it is difficult to say which one it is (Goldsberry). By all means, the last lyric that has a literary device is the lyrics “As I romanticize what might of been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly/At least my dear Eliza is his wife/At least I keep his eyes in my life.” The batch of lyrics show that though Angelica never got to win the heart of Alexander, she is happy that the love of his life is her sister and that they are getting married. But most importantly, she gets to keep him in her life, being able to see his eyes for all times.
In brief, Renee Elise Goldsberry’s vocals mixed with the heartwrenching lyrics makes this ballad a masterpiece. With all the literary devices, it’s clear to say that the theme is about never being
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