Saturation Essay

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****1 ******** D. Sprowl English 112 5 October 2014 Midnight Faith When walking across Biola University’s campus, a major attraction is the Flour Fountain of Faith. When I first visited the campus it definitely caught my eye because of its beautiful colors and soothing sound. Since my time attending Biola, I have discovered that the best time to sit next to the Flour Fountain is at night. As I sit at the metal tables, I take out my Bible and begin reading the book of Exodus in order to complete my Old Testament worksheets. Biola students are all aware of the infamous Professor Talley Old Testament worksheets, and I have just begun mine. That night, the La Mirada weather was cool and a relief from the smoldering hot…show more content…
The coolness of the oncoming breeze slightly touched the back of my neck. The trees and leaves looked as if they were dancing ballet together to a beautiful song. Everything about the scene was serene. As I took in a deep breath, I felt a sense of composure. Although my worksheets were stressful, I felt as though I had the motivation and relaxation to finish them on time. Being part of such an academically inclined community made it feel as though I was trying to swim against a deep current, but in this exact moment I felt a sense of calmness in all the chaos. As I looked up and saw the elaborate mural of Jesus on the wall, it reminded me of how Jesus told Peter to walk on the water and trust Him. Peter stepped out to follow Jesus, but began to feel afraid because of the winds which made him begin to sink. I believe our everyday life is the same in the sense that once we take our eyes off Jesus and begin to worry, we also begin to sink. Although I had been feeling overwhelmed, I realized that I was brought to this university for a purpose. I needed to have more faith and trust in not only God’s plan for me, but in myself and my abilities as well. I have always been a person to stress myself over things out of my control. Whether it be school work, activities, or life in general. When I decided to attend Biola, I knew I would encounter many trials. Although these trials
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