Saturn Devouring His Son

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Saturn Devouring His Son Saturn Devouring His Son is a name given to a mural painting painted by Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes during year 1820 to 1823 at his house Quinta del Sordo (Villa of The Deaf Man) which is located at Spain. He used al secco technique (also called fresco-secco) which means the color pigments are mixed with water and egg york and applied on the moistened plaster. This painting was painted in oils on one of the wall of his dining room. Goya showed Saturn crouched in the centre of the painting with expanded face, bulging eyes and widely opened mouth which he was consuming a smaller human figure with his fists had clenched into it. A headless cadaver is also painted in the back side view which only has a left…show more content…
His sixth child Jupiter (Zeus) survived because his wife, Ops (Rhea) tricked on him. Jupiter later overthrew Saturn and saved all his five brothers and sisters which still survived inside their father’s stomach. Goya might inspired by Peter Paul Rubens who also previously painted a Saturn Devouring His Son on 1636. But Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son is different with Rubens’s. Rubens’s Saturn was painted less cannibalistic whereas Goya’s Saturn is more cannibal as he emphasized on Saturn’s expression. However, Wright (1993, p.51) had written that Rubens’s is more horrific as viewer’s sympathy is straight drop on the innocent baby yet to be eaten. There is also another difference spotted. Rubens’s painted an innocent child whereas Goya painted a cadaver that looked like a younger adult. In Goya’s painting, the cadaver was in long legged, round buttocks and wide hips. The gender of the young adult is remained unknown as there is headless and not facing to us. But some experts suggested that the cadaver was a female young adult due to Goya’s later love life. Emotionalism aspect also can be seen in this painting. The public is curious why Goya painted Saturn. Some historians suggested that this is related to Goya’s son, Javier. Goya and his wife, Josefa, had plenty of children but only Javier
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