Sau San Tong is Making Consumers Skinny

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Sau San Tong is a leader in the slimming beauty industry and has attained huge success. This report finds out that the success of Sau San Tong is closely related to its services, corporate beliefs, coverage as well as loyalty to social responsibility. Background: Founded in the year 2000 by the Dr Zhang Yushan, Sau San Tong is a listing company in Hong Kong. It offers a wide range of services and products, such as slimming, spa services, beauty and the sales of skin care products. Sau San Tong develops in a fast way due to its expertise in the slimming beauty area and ability to cater for the consumer needs. At present, in addition to Hong Kong, it has business share in the major cities in China and the entire Vancouver region, Canada. Services range: Sau San Tong is the first slimming beauty company that is listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. It not only has experience in beauty and slimming, but also insists on the customer first spirit. In addition to its own beauty, medicine and nutrition consultants, Sau San Tong in recent years invests a lot in buying the advanced medical devices and safe beauty and slimming products across the globe so as to provide slimming, beauty, medical beauty and spa services for the customers based on their own needs. What is more, it also sells the series of slimming and beauty related products, and pays much attention to the opinions of the customers. East Textile Chemical is the subsidiary of Sau San Tong, which is in charge of

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