Saudi Arabia And Iran Relations Essay

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Saudi Arabia and Iran are two countries that sit on opposite sides of the Sunni/Shiite divide, which can be argued as being the most prominent issue the Middle East faces today. Saudi Arabia is predominantly known to be a Sunni state, while Iran is largely inhabited by Shia Muslims. Both countries aspire to be the hegemonic powers of the region. Ethnically, Iran is known to be a Persian land, unlike Saudi Arabia that is known to be in the heart of the Arab world. These two countries are separated by the Arabian Gulf and throughout the twentieth century and up until today, the relationship between the two countries has been notoriously contentious. Within the past few years especially relationships between the two states have been very fragile with Saudi Arabia ending diplomatic ties early in 2016. The two states are strained over many issues of which are, interpretations of Islam, oil export policy and hegemonic regional leadership.
The current relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia is contentious and competitive, however it can be said that it has improved since the twentieth century when the two countries engaged in direct conflict. The two countries have a very similar political agenda, which they use religion and faith to fulfill. They use the rally around the flag concept in order to strengthen their political agendas through their religious beliefs. The idea of a Sunni/Shitte divide is not as immense within the country, but there is one. Saudi Arabia is more of a
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