Saudi Arabia Culture

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From its rich and varied cultural history and practices to its stunningly beautiful cities full of unique architecture, Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country. With its acknowledged status as the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is an important cultural and religious hub for many who come seeking spiritual enlightenment or simply a chance to experience the bustling cities and thriving commerce of the prosperous metropolises. With a population of over 28 million people, Saudi Arabia is a vital part of the Middle East, with some major influence on the Arab countries around it. In order to fully appreciate the unique customs and overall societal expectations of this or any other country, one must understand not only its geographical location and a few key facts about it, but how it functions both as a nation made up of many diverse minds, and as a singular driving force in the complicated dance between all the nations of the world. With this in mind, there are several factors to consider when studying a country such as Saudi Arabia, namely, the main language, the major religion, the culture and cultural norms, and the business etiquette. One of the most defining components of any nation is the diversity of language that is often utilized by a countries citizen. Language is immensely powerful, and the breadth of vocabulary and concepts a language can offer often provide an individual the tools needed to not only interact with persons of a similar nationality, but to interact
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