Saudi Arabia- Medical Equipment Case Questions

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Medical Equipment Inc. In Saudi Arabia- Case Questions 1. What options does Grover have? You should have at least three. Review the pros and cons of each. In order to keep his actions ethical and integral, Grover has several options to explore. Firstly, he could confront Najjar about the speculation of a bribe winning him the sale of equipment for Wilson’s. He could gently remind his competitor of ethical standards that are expected to be upheld in such business transactions. In this situation he would have to be considerate of the great differences between cultural, religious (and of course), business environment and norms. This may give Grover some peace of mind (“you can’t do that because it’s not fair”), however it is very unlikely…show more content…
This fourth option would mean Grover most likely leaving his career with Medical Equipment and having to start anew elsewhere, where he feels comfortable with the tasks assigned to him. 2. What would you do if you were Grover, and why? Provide a solid rationale. If I were Grover I would choose the third option. I would offer Humaidi a complementary trip to the U.S. or France (his choice) to view one of Medical Equipment’s showrooms. In my opinion, offering this trip does not “lack justifiable grounds” as stated in the company’s Entertainment and Gifts policy. Humaidi may decline the trip, or even take the trip but not follow through with the sale; however Grover would have no doubt that he had taken every social, professional, legal and ethical measure possible to try and secure the sale. As a side note, one might consider the Hofstede dimensions for Saudi Arabia versus the United States. Saudi Arabia has a very high Uncertainty Avoidance compared to the United States. It may be possible that Humaidi wishes to remain loyal to Wilson’s because he has tried and tested business with them already- although Medical Equipment’s offer seems to be more beneficial to the company, he may not be taking it for fear of making a mistake and choosing a bad company to trust. The Power Distance between
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