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Saudi Arabia

Geography The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula, is located in the southwestern corner of Asia. It covers an area about one-fourth the size of the United States. More than half of its total area is desert terrain. The capital of Saudi is Riyadh, which is located in the central region of the country.

Language Saudi Arabia's official language is Arabic, although English is also spoken in the Kingdom, most commonly in the business community.

Religion The official religion of Saudi is Islam. Two of the holiest Islamic cities, Makkah and Madinah, are located within its borders. Makkah is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, and is the focal point of the Islamic
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The government is made up of the King, the Crown Prince, and, similar to the U.S. cabinet, the King's Council of Ministers. The Kingdom is divided into thirteen regions. Each is headed by an Emir (governor) who is appointed by the King. Emirs generally handle local affairs.

Economy the Modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded on September 23, 1932 by King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. Shortly thereafter, oil was discovered and to this day, remains the basis of its economic development. Saudi Arabia accounts for more than a quarter of the world's total oil revenues. Saudi's largest non-petroleum sector is agriculture. It provides around ten percent of the country's revenue. Crops consist of wheat, rice, corn, and dates. Gains are also being made in poultry, dairy and livestock (sheep and camels).

My Perspective Having had the opportunity to visit this exotic location, I feel qualified that I can provide a unique perspective on its comparison to the United States. On first arrival, the cultural shock is immense. The Muslim religion is extremely enforced. There are actually "religious police" that make sure the Islamic law is being upheld. Women must walk three feet behind men and remained completely covered from wrist to ankle. There is no alcohol or any material deemed pornographic allowed in the country. During the Olympics, the women's gymnastics events were not televised in certain regions because it was thought to be pornographic in

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