Saudi Arabian And Mexican Health Care Delivery Systems

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Health Care Access: An Analysis of Saudi Arabian and Mexican Health Care Delivery Systems Access to equal health care is essential for a country to thrive and flourish. Equal access to health care means that all citizens receive the same health care services regardless of race, religion, gender, and socioeconomic status. Unfortunately, health care disparities and unequal access to care is often what many cultures experience. This paper will compare and contrast two very different societies, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The comparison will analyze health care delivery systems, the accessibility to health care, and the health status of the citizens of Saudi Arabia and Mexico. The analysis will include methods employed by the two countries to improve accessibility and therefore improving quality of health care for their citizens. Saudi Arabian Health Care Delivery System Prior to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 's established reign, health care was sought out by local traditional healers. Saudi Arabia became a kingdom in 1932 and one of the first decrees set by King Abdulaziz was to establish a public health department in Mecca. The public health departments objectives were to promote and monitor free health care for Saudi citizens as well as "pilgrims" from other Muslim countries who came to Mecca for the Hajj journey made by all followers of Islam. The public health department implemented many hospitals and dispensaries; however, there was not enough funding to sustain and
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