Saudi Arabian Women

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More Freedom Less Limitation Saudi Arabian women should feel free about the way they present themselves in public places. There’re a lot of rules and regulations about what women can wear and do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Women aren’t allowed to drive, they must always have a guardian, and there are separate buildings and lines for women and men. For example, women must cover her whole body in public and in front of men. In the essay “Saudis in Bikinis” by Nicholas D. Kristof, talks about a time where he was in Saudi Arabia, and women were wearing a abayas. An abayas is a long black cloak worn by Muslim women, it covers the whole body head to toe, but their eyes. Kristof calls them, “black ghost”, it’s part of the women’s culture to wear…show more content…
There’s no point in having to separate lines between men and women. If a women was with her husband, they would have to order separately. Doesn’t make sense because it’s easier to order together to save the trouble of waiting for your partner’s meal. Women are treated with disrespect in their country because they are women. Women have low standards towards the men, it appears me that there should be some serious modifications for women in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian women don’t have any privacy while they are out and about with their lives. They all must have a guardian with them at all times. For example, if a women wants to go out in public, she must be escorted by a driver because Arabian women aren’t allowed to drive. She also has to have a guardian with her where ever she goes. A grown women who is able to take care of herself doesn’t need to be chauffeur around 24/7. It’s not possible for a women to be independent with all the rules and laws that they are required to obey. In a piece “Under the Abaya” by an “American Girl” who lived in Saudi Arabia says, “In Saudi Arabia, women, regardless of age, are or marital status are required to have a male guardian. A woman cannot
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