Saudi Arabia's Market Audit

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I. Introduction

Saudi Arabia’s market audit has both external and internal influence. The external influence will be about customers’ perception, competitive, location, distribution, and economic condition. On the other hand, the internal influence which is the product, company brand, human recourse, and what marketing strategies Macy’s will apply the Saudi’s market.

II. The Product

There are several aspects to evaluate the product as innovation as it is perceived by the Saudi’s market.

1. Relative objective
Macy’s will have numerous brands that are internationally known (i.e Lacoste, Polo, and Diesel) than British department store -such as Debenhams- who only have British name brand products.

2. Compatibility
The natives of Saudi Arabia view shopping as a source of entertainment and necessity. Also, much like the state of Texas, the motto ‘Bigger is better’ applies to the kingdom as well. In addition, as social status and appearances hold more value than the dollar itself locals seek to acquire many materialistic assets based on international trends and media. Macy’s would cater to their demand for high-end brands.

3. Complexity
Macy’s is relatively easy to use for shopping. However, the frequent sales and discounts may hinder its success with the customers. The mindset of many customers is that a discount devalues the product. It is believed that by paying full price ensures the product’s authenticity.

4. Observability
Macy’s visibility would be excellent due to

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