Saul Bass: The Man With The Golden Arm

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From the very beginning I knew that I want to relate my work to a horror genre. Represented skilfully, it can have a great impact on the emotions of the audience. Strong emotions are the factor I was aiming for, as they provide that the art stays in our head and remains there for a long time. There are a few artists who influenced me and my approach to design. I will discuss my work, but also manifest my admiration to an artist, who made me curious about art. Most of the research I did was dedicated to Saul Bass. First, I will explain why I think that he is so special and which attributes of his workshop inspired me not only through creation of my final design, but also other pieces of work. One of them are the three first pages of this document.…show more content…
I tried to approach my design in the same way that Saul Bass did. “The challenge facing Saul was how to create a symbol that captured the drama and intensity of the film without resorting to sensationalism.” (Bass and Kirkham, 2011). The biggest power of this poster is the fact that it doesn’t exhibit the suspense in a trivial way, but rather communicates it through symbols. Every single aspect of the poster design conveys a meaning. The hand itself pictures the change that the main character went…show more content…
In my design, I also implemented a contrast between the colours. Black and white represent the darkness and light - the two opposing forces which have a crucial meaning in the film. The light is the only way to protect the protagonists from the evil. In case of Bass’ poster, colours suggest a contrast between the moods and mental states of the main protagonist, letting his life to be guided by addictions which are gambling and drugs. The typography is another significant piece in the artists’ workshop. There are many various styles he applied into his designs, but the paper-cut typography style remains the most remarkable. The typeface I used in my design is not copied from The Man with the Golden Arm, but there is a strong inspiration derived from it. Saul Bass has not got one, regular style, as he has an ability of appropriating his designs in a creative way, conforming them to the problem that he has to solve. Although, there are some recurrent elements. Minimalism, reduction and economy in his way of thinking are assigned to Modernism, but also fragmentation, addition and metaphor, associated with post-Modernism, although, still relevant in
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