Saul Molloy's Five Key Skills For The Modern Photographer

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1. Molloy, Saul. “5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer.” Digital Photography School. N.p. 31 Mar. 2011. Web. 20 Feb 2018.
Saul Molloy writes about what he believes to be the top five skills of a photographer, aside from the basics. He targets his article towards photographers, and talks about how despite photography’s simplistic outward appearance, it takes more than just one click of the shutter to make an amazing photo. Because the author is expressing his personal opinion, the article does contain bias, which can give photographers another viewpoint on some of the more important aspects of the photography business. This article also contains many technical terms and incorporates them in a way that most people would be able to easily comprehend. This source is very useful to photographers and the essay topic, especially since it describes some of the many skills that can make or break a photographer’s photos. This article was found by searching “how photography shows the photographer’s skill level” in the Google web browser. This article was chosen as the best source out of many others that were listed.
2. Timko, Peter.
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Because the author is simply stating facts about the evolution of photography, there is no bias, and the source’s content can be considered quite relatable to other sources. There are, however, lots of supporting images that give the viewer a sense of how the camera evolved over time. This source is directed towards the general public, because it was written in a way that can be found easy to understand by anyone. This source will also prove to be very useful in writing the essay, because it gives a detailed explanation of how the camera evolved and has affected modern day photography. After searching “photography evolution” in the Google web browser, this source was listed as the most

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