Saul of Tarsus

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE CALLING OF SAUL OF TARSUS A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO DR. BRANDON JONES IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS For BIBL 364 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY ONLINE BY e of Contents Introduction 3 Saul of Tarsus 3 The Damascus Experience 4 The Call 6 The Conversion Debate 8 Conclusion 9 BIBLIOGRAPHY 11 Introduction The Book of Acts is a literary masterpiece filled with stories of miracles, faith, chronicles of the growth of Christianity, Holy Spirit encounters, and stories of supernatural conversions. It is one of the main books of the Bible studied to learn about the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s ability to use anything and anyone for His purpose. The “call” of Saul was…show more content…
There has been much discussion surrounding the name change from Saul to Paul beginning in Acts chapter 13. It is shown throughout the New Testament after Saul’s conversion that he called himself Paul and only used the name Saul when he referred to incidents that occurred prior to his conversion. Other commentaries attribute the name change to Saul’s desire to not share the same name with wicked King Saul from the Old Testament who persecuted David, Jesus’ ancestor. Many significant people in the Bible were referred to by different names such as Jesus’ disciples Matthew (Levi), Simon (Peter), Abraham (Abram), Sarah (Sarai), Jacob (Israel). The Bible does not offer a reason why Saul changed his name to Paul or indicate whether it was inspired by God or not. The timing of the change of name leads us to believe it was because of his conversion and desire to abandon his old nature and walk in the calling God placed on his life. The Damascus Experience The account of Saul’s conversion is such an important theme that it is reported in three different areas of the book (Acts 9:1-19, Acts 22:4-16 and Acts 26:9-19). Even though these 3 verses differ in the amount of detail they contain, they all focus on different aspects of the miraculous encounter. Charles
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