Savagery During The Middle Ages

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During the Medieval times being more merciful developed in the Western World with the Christian civilization, with the concept of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In the middle Ages, soldiers remained savage, but the codes of knighthood served to soften the Warrior's steel. A true knight refused to kill his opponent just for the killing sake. He would be more merciful to a brave opponent then to a cowardly opponent. His prisoner was not a toy for cruel entertainment. The chivalric code was sometimes more honored in the middle ages depending on belief of the knight. The knight were called upon to take the obligations of the rich people of their time. Warrior facing battle were to pledge to remain true to his king even if…show more content…
Under any circumstance being disloyal to his king would mean facing punishment. One day during the Crusades a rule developed in regard to prisoner interrogation. The detained knight was permitted to divulge his name and rank. This was admissions by the game of ransom. A necessity for prisoner identification, the rule holds still today, as imposed by the Geneva Convention. That every prisoner of war when questioned is required to give his name, rank, date of birth, and social. In Europe during the 17 hundreds the idea came out that prisoners of war were in custody of the capturing state. No rules for their treatment had been worked out during this time, but they were protected from slavery and personal revenge. Later, during the 18 hundreds, captivity was considered a means of preventing the prisoner from return to his forces. This was a positive step forward. Prisoners were no longer considered guilty of war crimes against the
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