Savagery In Lord Of The Flies

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The struggle between humanity and savagery portrayed through the events of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies demonstrates how simple it is for one to succumb to the mannerisms of depravity. This is impossible with the implementation of structure and order, as such concepts provide boundaries and keep man sane and behaved. Once the boys arrive on the island, isolated and expelled from society, they look to a shell to relieve them of this hardship, and to institute a form of government that will keep them from acting out. Despite the trust they put in the shell, it fails to hold them from corruption, only adding to the growing tension between all of the boys inhabiting the mysterious island. Through the escalating tension surrounding the…show more content…
Albeit low, the tension thickens as the boys strive to hold the conch and to speak their opinions. Golding mainly portrays the beginnings of the tense environment that the island will become through the internal tension each of the boys express. This is especially evident in Piggy, when he is speaking and the silence becomes “so complete that they could hear the unevenness of [his] breathing” (34). His struggle to claim the conch so he could voice his opinion makes him anxious and nervous. The battle to display dominance while holding the right to speak only grows more difficult as the novel progresses, and the conch’s power only grows with the continuation of the novel’s plot and the emergence of the savagery within the boys.
Following Simon’s brutal death, Ralph and Piggy find themselves searching, yet again, for something to provide stability amidst the atrocity encompassing Jack, Rodger and the hunters. The two contemplate what exactly what actions they should take, now that Jack and his hunters have succumbed completely to savagery. They look to the conch for help, Ralph taking “the shell caressingly with both hands” (156). Admiring the conch’s power and beauty, he is careful when touching it even when there is no one present to direct. Piggy, quick to suggest solutions reminds Ralph that he could call an assembly. Ralph laughs

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