Savagery Vs. Civilization Essay

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Ransika Jayawickrema Mrs Coluccio ENG2D1 17 November 2013 Savagery vs. Civilization Definitions: To be civilized in my opinion is to come together as a community of humans and set a par that is unconventional. We do this through education, instruction and rules. I do agree with the definition given but I would add it’s also when we come together to create a system. Savagery in my opinion is when humans are brutal and cruel; this is when humans resort back to old way of thinking using violence and barbarity to get what they want. I do agree with the above definition of savagery but I would not add that it happens in extreme situations because we exhibit in our everyday lives through our words and actions Reflection: As humans are we capable of being savages? I believe that the answer to this question is not as you will expect. Throughout the years humans have committed countless acts of savagery. From the slavery of our own kind (humans) in the 18th century to back stabbing our neighbors, savagery still does exist in our society. We exhibit savagery through many things but the ones I find most relevant are cyber bullying, adultery and manipulation. These three in my opinion are the most hurtful acts of savagery in today’s society. We use mean and hurtful words and pictures to put others down. We also hurt families by not staying committed and only thinking about ourselves. Finally, we manipulate others to get on top of situations. With the evolution of
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