`` Savages `` By Oliver Stone

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In the modern world, gender doesn’t play such a big role anymore. Women work like men, men do things that are traditionally attributed to women. And yet, some things stay the same. I would like to review Oliver Stone 's film "Savages”, as an example of gender message. The main characters are two men and a woman - they live as a family. The author, in my opinion, is trying to revise the stereotype that a polyamorous relationship is exclusively a men 's prerogative. Another message in the film is about the role of the second main character, which typically is a men 's job - head of a drug cartel. And yet another message, is domestic violence - the perverted thought of being stronger, thus being allowed to use force. As I have mentioned before, in today 's society gender roles are not as distinctive as they used to be and that can be seen in various visual texts one way or another, though in the end, as the director says, we are still all savages.
The first idea of a gender message we are getting from the movie was the concept of polyamorous relationships. Usually men have harems, history is full with such examples. In the past, you don’t find many messages of a woman having several husbands or lovers, and if you do, that woman is usually condemned by society. However, men weren’t shun, it’s all right for a male to have more than one wife or lover. In Oliver Stone’s movie, we see a different picture; a young woman lives with two men and says she loves them both equally. It
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