Save A Deer, Stuff A Hunter

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Kyley Catalano
9 September 2016
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#1 Persuasion
Save a Deer, Stuff a Hunter “Trophy hunting is defined as the killing of wild animals for their body parts, such as head and hide, for display but not primarily for food or sustenance” (The Humane Society of The United States). Around the world, between 2005 and 2014, more than 1.6 million animals killed from trophy hunting were imported into the United States. In total, that adds up to 126,000 ‘trophies’ every single year. Among these kills, the most popular trophies include: lions, African elephants, African leopards, Southern white rhinos, African buffalo, and many more species. Not only are these animals killed in unsettling amounts each and every day, but most of these species are almost to the point of extinction. While trophy hunting generates important revenue, it does not conserve the environment, it disrupts the ecosystem, and goes against the Circle of Life. Across the globe, supporters of this immortal act fight to keep the ‘sport’ going. A hunt that cost 350,000 dollars a person was held in Namibia to kill one of the most endangered species of black rhinos. This slaughter was allowed by the government because it was said to be a fundraiser. People try justifying trophy hunting by saying it is a vital source of revenue for impoverished countries. However, the reality of it is, while wealthy pay big bucks to kill our planets rarest and most beautiful creatures, a child in Africa dies due to…
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