Save Our Environment

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At Home
• Adjust Your Water Heater
– By turning your water heater down to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save energy.
• Clean Your Fridge – Refrigerators use a tremendous amount of energy every year. To cut down on waste, clean the condenser coils every year. Also, do not keep the temperature unnecessarily low.
• Recharge Your Batteries – If you recharge your batteries, you will save money and help stop multiple environmental problems. You can prevent potentially hazardous metals from getting into landfills or the air, where they can be dangerous. So, buy rechargeable batteries and recharge them.
• Recycle – It is essential that you start the recycling process at your own home. Sort out recyclable materials, which includes everything
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Instead, ask for paper bags, which can be reused and then recycled.
In our community
• Celebrate Earth Day
– Start an activity on Earth Day so that others in your community can become involved in saving the environment.
• Contact Your Government – Tell local officials that you are concerned about the destruction of the environment and find out what the city is doing to stop it.
• Donate Goods – If you no longer need something that might be useful to someone else, try to donate the goods rather than throwing them away.
• Don't Dump Chemicals – Avoid putting oil, grease, antifreeze, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, and cleaning agents down the gutters on sidewalks. Encourage others to do the same.
• Find Recycling Facilities – Find out where you can recycle in your community. Help to make others aware of the local recycling opportunities as well.
• Go To Schools – By telling young people about environmental problems and what they can do to save the environment, you can help to ensure that the environment will be safe in the future.
• Pick Up Garbage – Many people litter or do not properly dispose of garbage. While removing it from streets and urban areas is very important, equally important is getting rid of garbage that has found its way into the environment, especially coastal areas.
• Support Family Planning Programs – Population growth is a major threat to the
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