Save Rock And Roll By Fall Out Boy

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Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy is the last song on their fifth album Save Rock and Roll. Featuring Elton John, an influential person in the rock, pop rock and glam rock hemisphere, Save Rock and Roll can be considered a “rock ballad” because of the presence of a piano and violin as well as the basic rock instruments such as both the bass and rhythm guitars and drums. Played in the key of E major with a tempo of four beats per measure this song’s texture, form, and sound strongly aids in the message of saving rock and roll. The song starts off with two measures of just drums and claps, which establishes the beat that is heard through the entire song. Then as soon as lyrics of the pre-verse and the verse are introduced the texture is instantly homophonic, with the upper half of the piano playing the melody and the lower half playing the bass. After the first verse, the chorus introduces the guitar which aids in carrying the bass notes. Amongst all that there is a presence of a violin within the second pre-verse and chorus and then at the end which gives the texture a polyphonic sound. The form in Save Rock and Roll could be considered a hybrid. Having a verse followed by a chorus and a bridge towards then end, the song ends rather differently. Instead of ending with another verse and chorus the song ends with the chorus and the bridge which at one point is sung separately and then simultaneously. The bridge, even though important to the overarching theme is more
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