Save The Children The Legal Abandonment Of Children

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The major objective of this essay is to review the article Save the children The legal abandonment of children in the work place written by Seymour Moskowitz.
The article discussed how one of the many challenges that are facing juveniles in society is labor and workforce laws and the risk of juveniles choosing to enter the workforce at a very young age. Seventy years ago, child labor laws were declared unconstitutional. Joining the workforce is a rite of passage that every adult enjoys, however when a juvenile enters the workforce at a premature age, there are many consequences that come along with the juvenile electing to enter the workforce. Ever since the birth of our country youths have been attending to task that are physical, in 1836, the first child labor laws were passed limiting the number of hours that a child may work , during World War I, the number of students in the workforce were twice the number of students who were enrolled in school. (Moskowitz). In dealing with juveniles who choose to work a full time job, there are many consequences in dealing with dealing with those type of juveniles, the consequences include a higher dropout rate , lower grade point averages for those who work increased hours, less interaction with their parents and legal guardian. On average juveniles who work greater than twenty-hours per week are twice as likely to drop out of high-school, which leaves them with less than minimum skills to survive in…

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