Save The Life Of Indra, Rudraksh Speech?

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Indra startled me with his thunder like voice, ‘Stay away from it Ahalya! Don't mis-use your invaluable boon to save the life of this criminal. Later, this boon will be used for a noble cause” I besought him with folded hands, “The king of gods! In this creation, no one's life is dispensable. In the future, Rudraksha could be able to do a lot of great deeds. He is also a patriot and his anger is not without a base.” “Please don't forsake your invaluable boon for a stranger, Ahalya!”, Indra retorted. “Rudraksha is not a stranger to me. He is the husband of my dearest friend Rucha. He is my dearest Rudraksha.” “Ahalya! Without Gautama's permission, you cannot accept a favor from me. Now you are subordinate of Gautama.” He ridiculed. “Soul…show more content…
There is no assurance that she will meet the ocean. Before the meeting, she does not hesitate to make the earth green. She creates an enormous forest, within which she creates the flow of life. She builds traditions and civilization ignoring the uncertainty of her future. Hence, why should I lose the sight of my target even if I have no idea about my future? I was not feeling guilty for the yesterday's incident. To make the slaves interested in yajna there was a need to face difficulties off and on. I wanted to end the hostility and confrontation between the tribes. There was a big huge and cry in the ashram. Vashistha rishi was praising me. “Thanks to Devi Ahalya, Gautama's ashram escaped a huge catastrophe.” Page 332 “The slaves wouldn't have been content with only killing me. They would have destroyed the ashram of Gautama. Before they hurt me, my friend Indra was there without invitation. He would have for sure killed the assailants. He would have also destroyed the slave village and killed the occupants. Its poisonous consequence would have spread all over setting up a calamity. If Ahalya did not convince Indra, he would have killed all slaves including Rudraksha. I have no doubt that Ahalya has amazing power over other people. Maharishi Gautama! You are very fortunate. In future Ahalya will be capable of handling many obstacles.” “I understand that as your wife, she has some duties for this ashram. She could be a teacher. Let her have her

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