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Save a Life TOPIC: Organ Donating ORGANIZATION: Problem/ Solution SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I would like my audience to believe that acquiring information about organ donating will save lives and encourage people to donate. INTRODUCTION: I. Attention Getter: You have the ability to save lives by simply dying. What am I talking about? I am talking about organ donors. According to the official U.S. Government web site for organ and tissue donation, about 74 people receive organ transplants each day, but 18 people still die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place because of the shortage of donated organs. So why aren’t you a donor? II. Relevance: How often do you hear about organ donating? III. Credibility: My…show more content…
Transition: The lack of organ donating is becoming a serious problem in the United States. According to Journey of Hearts, in 2004, every 16 minutes a new name was added to the National Organ Transplant Waiting List. However, there is an organization dedicated to the education about organ donating. II. The second part of the problem is that people are unaware of the organization called Earth Angels. A: Earth Angels was founded to provide education on organ donating. 1. It is a non-profit organization that promotes organ, tissue and blood donation. 2. It consists of more than 25 volunteers between the ages of 16-17. Their purpose is to educate the public on organ donating and help answer any questions so they can make the decision that is right for them. 3. According to Earth Angels in 2003, it is imperative to learn about organ donating because, you are more likely to need an organ transplant, than to become and organ donor. Transition: Earth Angels is one of many organizations that help promote organ donating, but people are still unaware and uneducated on organ donating. I feel that a solution must be made in order for more people to donate and increase the education about organ donating. III. The solution that I propose is that we educate the world about donating organs. This will be done showing educational commercials

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