Save as Many as You Ruin

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Save as Many as You Ruin In the short story ’Save as Many as You Ruin’ we are introduced to the way of making relationships in most of the big cities. In this essay, I will be analyzing the text focusing on the mood and contrast. In the end I will be making a separate conclusion, where I will be summing up the things I’ve analyzed. The short story ’Save as Many as You Ruin’ begins in medias res. It appears that Gerard is very selfish and somehow lost in his career and in his wife since he decides to hire a babysitter to take care of his child, named Lucy. This shows us that he gives his pursuit of love a higher priority than his own child. However, we also experience him as considerate and compassionate person when he is together…show more content…
The mood is the short ‘Save as Many as You Ruin is some kind of gloomy. The mood changes from being some kind of bitter and pessimistic to being very optimistic. However, Gerard is faking the optimism he shows when he sees Laurel. The snow in the short story also plays an very important role. It is used as some kind of symbol in relation to Gerard personal characterization. The snow demonstrates how cold Gerard is as a person both mentally and physically. Gerard has never tried to experience love before he actually met Laurel, which results in Gerard being portrayed as a cold person through his account as well as the setting. The moment he sees Laurel his emotions connects with the weather. “It’s a blizzard now.” Line 47. The text takes place in the city Manhattan, and this is a very important fact, since the setting substantiates that a lot of people are superficial and shallow in big cities, which is also noticeable in the dialogue between Laurel and Gerard. “Wow. I’m sorry Gerard.” “It’s okay. Lucy has no memory of her.” Line 99-100. There is another example of Gerard being selfish when he chooses to tell Lucy that her mother is dead, even though Lucy doesn’t remember her mother at all, since it seems like Gerard is speaking for himself. Gerard is a very dynamic character who is very smart. He is capable of growing and he changes as a person when he

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