Save as Many as You Ruin

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A: Save as Many as You Ruin “Save as Many as You Ruin” is a short story written by Simon Van Booy, it was published in 2007. The story is about love, aging, fear of disappearing and perhaps realization. The mood in the story is kind of dim and quiet. The snow makes it cold outside, but makes Gerard’s home, his daughter’s room especially, cosy and warm. At the beginning of the story it is not dark yet outside, however you get as sense of darkness, this is because of the snow, but mainly because of the darkness in Gerard’s thoughts. Gerard is a businessman living in New York with his 8-year-old daughter Lucy. He considers himself a handsome man, and he used to sleep with a lot of women, but he never loved any of them. It seems…show more content…
He does not want the funeral to have a significance, maybe not just for the sake of his daughter, but also because of this fear he has. “She was found floating in a pool. She’d written Gerard’s name as her next of kin.”. She had no one else; all she had was the man she left back in New York, the man she left her child with. Gerard and Laurel makes love, and he notices how her body has changed, they have both grown older. He feels something: “He feels somehow inside of her – held by her, and he remembers as a boy, swimming to the bottom of a thick pond in summer.” he starts to relate her to a childhood memory, he feels inside of her, so he feels at home, like he is happy and at a good place when he is with here. He is ready for a commitment. “He knows that before long Laurel will move in with them. He thinks of Issy. He remembers her laugh, then the roar of snapping flames at her cremation.” This shows very well, what is going on in his mind, he thinks of life, the beautiful things, like laughter, and how quickly it can end. The end of the story is very open, it leaves a big question mark: “All of a sudden he feels a chill like cold water down his back. The tumbler of scotch slips from his fingers and shatters on the floor. Gerard spins around. His heart leaps into his throat. Someone was there, he could have sworn it. But in the space between him

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