Save as Many as You Ruin

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The text” Save as Many as You Ruin” was written by Simon Van Booy in 2007 and the main character is a man who reflects on his own identity and then he suddenly meets his former girlfriend. The text is a short story because it has a small gallery of characters and a short storyline. The story starts in medias res with Gerard leaving the office. Afterwards the events are represented in chronological order but the storyline is interrupted by several flashbacks. For example Gerard has a flashback to Issy’s funeral lines 111 to 122. The narrator in the text is a third person narrator who is also a personal narrator that is bound to the main character Gerard. It is a personal narrator because the narrator reduces his point of view to one…show more content…
Laurel represents the future and at first he was not mature enough to have her. Whenhe meets her eight years after he is more mature: he works in an office (l. 1), he is self-confident(his reflections (l. 1-25)), and concerned about others. The last one of Gerard’s new qualities is shown in the way Gerard is concerned about his daughter and how he wants to protect her from things such as the death of her mother e.g. : “I love her, I’m her father. I want the best for her”(l. 107). After eight years he is more like Laurel and therefore he is ready to begin a relationship withher again. The new relationship with Laurel shows the reader that Gerard is ready for the future andthat he has turned in to another and more mature man. In order to move on from the past he has toface his former life and he knows that he has to confront his daughter with the death of her mother,which he is ready for now.My overall impression of this text is that it is a text about the main charac ter’s important stages in his development from a young man to an adult. This development is underlined by the atmospherein the text which gives the reader a hint of what is yet to come. The Main character’s development is shown in his relationship with two women: one of them represents the past and the other one represents the

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