Save as Many as You Ruin

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Save as many as you ruin

Gerard is the main character of the short story “Save as many as you ruin”. He has a daughter, Lucy, whose mother, Issy, died tragically many years prior to when the story takes place. Gerard has made many mistakes in his life, and in the story we hear about how he recovers from one of the biggest ones, when he once again meets the love of his life after many years of separation. The themes and topics discussed in the text include making mistakes, losing and finding love, coincidences and being a spectator in life.
We are introduced to Gerard as a pensive man who wanders in the snow, deep in thoughts about his life and how short and insignificant it is. “Gerard thinks of his own footprints and how soon they
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In conclusion, Gerard is a man whose life has been laid out for him by the mistakes he has made in his past, and this has made him passive in his own life. The mistake of cheating on Laurel did bring one positive thing with it though; he had his daughter, Lucy, and this contradiction is one of the most significant contrasts in the story. This paradox leads to an epiphany at the end of the story, where Gerard realizes that all the things that have happened to him have been coincidental, and that he has to seize the chance to get Laurel back when he sees her in a shopping line. To set the mood in the story, the narrator uses the weather, flashbacks and slow motion, especially when describing Gerards feelings towards Laurel.


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