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Position Paper on Child Survival


Save the Children is a child focused organisation that delivers immediate and lasting improvements in children's lives. The organisation is committed to improve the health status of children in India and protect them from exploitation, abuse and ill health. In the current context, Save the Children’s primary focus is on supporting the system in accelerating the progress towards Millennium Development Goal 4 aimed at one-third reduction in child mortality rates from 1990 level, by 2015.

Child Survival Situation in India

India is faced with an unparalleled child survival and health challenge. The country contributes 1.95 million of the global burden of 9.2 million under-five child deaths,
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Malnutrition is the result of a combination of factors. They include cultural inhibitions causing low adoption of exclusive breast feeding, poor understanding of complementary feeding; insufficient awareness of nutritional needs lack of purchasing power leading to inadequate access to food, inequitable distribution of available food and poor food habits. The other key indirect causes include lack of health care services, non availability of clean water and safe sanitation, poverty and lack of livelihood opportunities.


Save the Children India works to support the communities and families in undertaking actions at their level which can save newborn and young children’s lives. We focus on strengthening community systems by enhancing the capacities of CBOs, involving people and children in their own health care and increasing the awareness of communities to generate demand for quality health services.

For improving the quality and coverage of basic Maternal, Newborn, Child health and nutrition services, Save the Children India also works on capacity building of Anganwadi workers, Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) in its areas of operation. This contributes directly towards strengthening the supply side of services.

Save the Children India will work as a catalyst to initiate social change around child survival and strengthen
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