Saving American Agriculture Essay

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Saving American Agriculture

American agriculture has changed dramatically since the first days of mechanized equipment and large-scale crop production. “Many conceived of farming as a rewarding life . . . and a source of moral virtue” (Mariola, 2005). While presently, many view farming as purely economic in purpose. It has been stated that farming in America is decreasing more quickly than any other occupation. Yet, population increases steadily, making agriculture all the more essential. Many current issues are affecting agricultural progress in America; basic concerns over water, land, and climate only begin to describe the complex predicament. Economics, as well as public involvement and education are important tools, needed to
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It is often overlooked that regional land management also influences shifts in weather patterns. It is still true that in America more land in total area is used agriculturally, than is considered urbanized. Land that is converted for both urban and agricultural use will certainly influence changes in surface temperatures, evaporation and absorption rates of gases and water, as well as wind and water erosion. Yet, it has also been found that urban settings surpass farmland in pollutant emissions. Of further concern, is the fact that urbanization continues to spread and displace once fertile agricultural land. Clearly, it will be of great importance to develop sustainable, long-term, low-impact urbanization in order to conserve substantial land essential for agricultural practice. If a balanced and sustainable land management program can be established, climate, at least on a local level, may be comprehended and possibly become constructive to American agriculturalists.

Since the positive and profitable 1970’s, urbanization and other economic factors have impeded on pasts agricultural successes. Basic economics tells us that consumer demand drives supply and costs, and that consumer confidence carries a very high economic value. Outbreaks of illness and disease have negatively influenced many agricultural productions. The uncertainty of public safety leads to sharp decline in demand and
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