Saving Grace

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Not a Saving Grace Although society may think otherwise, saving students is not the role of teachers, no matter how many good movies there are out there. The media gives the impression that something is wrong with students when they enter the classroom and that is is the teacher's job to fix them of their issues. Because of this impression, today’s teachers are faced with the challenge of overcoming this great myth that has been engraved in society’s mind. Teachers are meant to be a support system for their students, not a saving grace. They are given the expectation to be a superstar in the classroom because media portrays them to be just that; a hero.
What society doesn’t always know, however, is that it can be hard enough to maintain order in their classroom, let alone be the student's’ hero. The disconnection between the public’s expectations of teaching and what critics say is very profound. All too often, movies lead parents to hold these hero-like expectations to their child’s teacher. Dead Poet’s Society directed by Peter Weir is a prime example of why the public’s expectations of teaching is disconnected from what critics like Ayers, Moore, and
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They suggest that “in order to be a good teacher, [they] have to be a hero” (Moore). Which in reality, is erroneous. Teachers are educators, not heroes. They come into the classroom expecting to have a few troubled students, but they know that “saving” them isn’t the answer. Rather, they encourage them to work with the students individually until the desired goals are met. Teachers do not see themselves as a saving grace because they know that students do not need saving. What students need is a support system that they can come to for help along the way to success. They also inspire students to take on tasks they never thought imaginable. “I want my students in the hero role, not myself” (Rickets) is the mindset that all educators should
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