Saving Lives

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The flashing yellow lights turned a glaring red, signaling me to an abrupt halt a short distance away from the Pembroke Pines Fire Department. Somewhere, there was a fire or some other emergency, and the firefighters were preparing to leave. I desperately wanted to beat the rush hour traffic home, but my frustration took a back seat to the thought of the lives that could possibly be hanging in the balance, waiting for the speedy arrival of these brave men and women. Men and women, who had committed to the task of saving lives under the most dangerous of circumstances. As I sat waiting, I caught a glimpse of the last firefighter coming down the pole, frantically running to catch hold of the near departing fire truck. Soon the red truck…show more content…
Like that firefighter, I know I will be committed, passionate and zealous in the work I do for the people whose lives depend on it. Being a product of a single parent home I have watched my mother work two jobs, seven days a week, from early morning until night, while still struggling to make ends meet. Still, my mother never complained, and always found the time to instill in me, the values of hard work, determination, purpose and the need for having worthwhile ambitions. She never wavered in encouraging me to seek after my goals and to do all in my power and will to achieve, despite the odds stacked against me. For a while this confused me because, as I grew older, I realized that my mother had not fulfilled her own dreams. She had never become the nurse she always wanted to be. Her answer, when asked, was that “sometimes you have to make choices that may lead to you putting your own desires aside in order for someone you love to have better than you”. Maybe other more mutually beneficial choices would have been opened to my mother if she had had the benefit of a dedicated advocate on her side. As a lawyer, maybe I can help a single parent to better understand the law and how to access her rights and benefits so that he or she can make more informed choices that won’t necessarily result in his or her dreams being permanently put on hold. I will always admire my mother for all she has
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