Saving Private Ryan Essay

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Saving Private Ryan

In his review of the film “Saving Private Ryan”, N.Cull claims that the film presents… “a realistic depiction of the lives and deaths of G.I’s in the European theatre in World War II”. Do you agree with his assessment of the film? Argue your case.

N.Cull’s assessment of the film Saving Private Ryan in that it portrays “a realistic depiction of the lives and deaths of G.I’s in the European theatre in World War II” is an accurate one. Director Stephen Spielberg brings to the audience the “sheer madness of war” and the “search for decency” within it. That search ends for a group of soldiers whose mission it is too save Private Ryan. Although the film shows horrific and realistic battle scenes along with historically
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Having the landing shot at dawn and when the tide was out produced an invaluable sense of reality for the following graphical scenes. Soldiers were able to take cover behind the heavy timbers because the tide was out. Operation Overlord (D-Day) called for the invasion to take place “as close to low tide as possible so that most of the German obstacles and mines could be seen” . Saving Private Ryan represented both the feelings of U.S. soldiers and the beach landing realistically and accurately.

Devastating injuries caused by the “lights of perverted science” were perhaps one of the most horrific outcomes of World War II displayed on and off film. New and increasingly efficient ways of killing had been invented and tanks were used a lot more than in world war I. The use of tanks are seen throughout Saving Private Ryan. Snipers firing on individuals, Automatic weapons, Mortar and artillery shells, transportable guns and mines on beaches are all shown at one point or another as well. Due to the nature of the weapons, soldiers were severely injured, limbs were blown or shot off, people blinded, diseased, hearing impaired and suffered irreversible emotional scaring. The brave medics who deal with these situations found themselves in only increasingly dangerous situations, a lot of which were hopeless anyway. In one scene on the beach landing, wounded are lined along the ground and medics rush to save the life
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