Saving Sourdi

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Saving Sourdi is a short story, which deals with the struggles and perceptions of Nea, who is one of the characters. The main characters are the elder sister Sourdi and the younger sister Nea. These two sisters are close and grew together all through to their life. Their growth and togetherness exhibit their different roles played in this story thus clearly bringing out their definite characters. This story is illustrated to show how the character of Nea and her viewpoint shapes the interpretation of the reader about the story. Saving Sourdi is a tale that holds up the strong bonds of sisterhood and family and change as people grow to maturity. The story is created from a point of view that can influence how one views the characters and…show more content…
She stubs him to ensure her sister’s protection. Sourdi has a round character. She blooms from a child to a mature young woman (Chai, 109). She faces her marriage life with courage just to ensure change takes the path with her husband hence forming a beautiful family. This shows that she stops depending on her family and becomes independent. She embraces her individuality with courage. Ma also seems to have a round character. She is an active woman who raises and supports her children from childhood to adulthood. She marries off Sourdi to a rich man only to make sure Sourdi gets a better life. The story commenced when Nea and Sourdi were all alone working in a restaurant in the presence of drunken men. One of the drunkards was trying to place his arms around Sourdi and due to the protective nature of Nea, she stabbed the man. Ma, her mother, apologized to the grieved and made Nea do the same, which was contrary to her expectations. She thought she could be seen as a hero by protecting her sister. Talking to her sister that very night, Nea boasted to Sourdi that she would have killed the man but Sourdi felt disappointed (Chai, 297). The story then moved to the part when Duke and Sourdi began seeing each other. This made the two sisters to start drifting apart because Sourdi began to show interest in men (Shea, Renée, Lawrence and Robin, 156). Duke used to wash dishes for Ma,
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