Saving The Environment With Renewable Resources

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Abbey Burns
Ms. Martens
Senior Composition Enriched
12 May 2017
Saving the Environment with Renewable Resources Imagine New York gone. Louisiana and Mississippi all underwater. These are the consequences we are looking at if we keep up our fossil fuel emissions right now. The picture at the right shows what New York will look like by 2050 with the current global warming trends. All government should fully fund green energy research and implementation to prevent further damage to the global climate. The global climate is suffering severely due to carelessness within the government and companies use of fossil fuels and other non renewable energy sources. Gaining power in numbers of people can bring the effort of renewable energy to fully
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Using the fossil fuels we are using and other non renewable resources will make this number even higher and bring a negative change faster than expected. “Right now we’re on track to create a climate unseen in 50 million years by mid-century (Kahn).” Reading this is extremely alarming, having a climate we’ve never even seen before is incredibly scary. This could mean snow in months unheard of before, or increased hurricanes and acidic rain. If we don’t act now we could potentially see these effects. Looking at renewable energy sources that will benefit the budget of countries and help out the environment is simple. "There is enough wind power, in fact there is plenty of wind power in Quebec alone to power most of North America (Marsden).” In the middle west where we live we have wind almost every day. Towards Chicago there are hundreds of wind turbines that produce energy, but why aren’t we using this for all our power? Wind power is reliable and pays for itself in a short period of time. “Bringing wind power and other reusable energies is quicker and easier to accomplish (Marsden).” Some may think that wind energy is more hassle than it is worth but actually is more beneficial because with wind there is no worry for fracking and other

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