Saving The Environment or The Economy: Two Opposing Stances Essay examples

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The state of Alaska is home to some incredibly beautiful examples of nature, and also happens to be home to a large wealth of oil. Since the discovery of the amount of oil off the coast of Alaska, there has been debate of whether to take advantage of this resource and drill the Alaskan oil reserves, or to leave it alone and preserve the nature and wildlife surrounding the state. In the article, “Offshore Drilling in Alaska Should Be Expanded” by author Marvin E. Odum, and the article, “Offshore Drilling in Alaska Should Be Limited” by author Margaret Williams, the two authors convey opposing viewpoints on the same topic. Similar argumentative tactics are utilized in each piece of writing, however Odum’s article ends up being more effective…show more content…
Addressing the fact also that alternative energy sources are becoming more and more available, Odum notes that fossil fuels will always be a major source of energy. Combining these facts to prove the point that these fossil fuels are vital to the energy the United States consumes, the article then goes on to explain that trillions of dollars are being spent to import the oil from foreign countries. The whole point of this article is to explain how beneficial the wealth of oil in Alaska will be to the economic situation. Odum uses his facts effectively to explain that by tapping into the remaining 85% of oil available in Alaska, a great economic relief will be seen due to less dependency on other countries. When writing his article, Odum did an excellent job of presenting his opinion not only effectively to his audience, but to the opposing view as well. It is important when arguing against any viewpoint to acknowledge some of the positives that the other side may see. As Odum explains that he sees the importance of what the opposition has to say, he continues to portray why his argument is the better option. However, when doing so, he does not argue against the opposition in a condescending way. Even though Odum is an advocate of expanding offshore drilling, he explains, “I agree with the need to address … marine sanctuaries, “no go” areas,

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