Saving The Israelites Research Paper

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Saving the Israelites
In the Book of Genesis, Joseph is utilized by God to save the Israelites which started due Joseph's boasting habits. His story begins with his ten brothers and himself working for his father. Joseph had tendencies to share his dreams in which he was presented as higher than his brothers. As a result, Joseph's angry brothers planned to kill him, but ends up in slavery due to his brother Rueben trying to save him. Therefore, God uses Joseph's hardships to allow the Israelites to end up in Egypt.
Shortly after presenting Jacob and his family's background, the Book of Genesis shares a few of Joseph's dreams and his brothers disliked him even more. As Kruschwitz says, “The brothers reportedly hate him not because
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Joseph explains the meaning of their dreams and asks the two men to put in good word for Joseph. The two men are released and return to work for the Pharaoh, yet the two men never mentioned Joseph upon release. Some time later, the Pharaoh has a dream and no one can tell him the meaning. The cupbearer remembers Joseph and he is called in to listen to the dream. He gives advice to Pharaoh and is appointed ruler of all Egypt. Pharaoh’s dream was about the future famine and Egypt’s prosperity. Pharaoh and Joseph prepare to have bulk of all goods and people from all areas come to Egypt to buy products. With regards to Joseph as a leader, Dods explains, “ Joseph, who watched for the fulfillment of God’s purposes, and found his happiness in forwarding what God designed for the people(417).” Joseph used God's strength to help people and interpet dreams with God's wisdom. Similarly, during the famine, God illiminated Joseph's great skills in authority, as he and pharaoh work together to assure the nation will not go hungry or suffer during this…show more content…
His dreams about his brother’s foreshadowed his actual reign of Egypt. God portrayed this vivid dreams of heiarchy amoungst his family to assure Joseph will be significant to him.Similarly, God gives him the success he needs to be promoted by Potiphar, from a Hebrew slave to being in charge of Potiphar's property. Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife false rape accusation resulted in Potiphar’s officials imprisoning innocent Joseph. Although even during imprisonment, Joseph remains hopeful in God to save him and attempts to tell the cupbearer to help him get released after he interperts his dream. Fortunately, Potiphar has a dream that no one can interpret but Joseph, after the cupbearer remembers him. Joseph explains to Pharaoh the famine that God proclaims will happen in seven years. Again, God gives Joseph the ability to portray great leadership skills when Potiphar promotes him to second in command. So, both men prepare for the famine and sell goods to people all over. During the famine, Jacob sends Joseph’s ten older brothers to Egypt to buy grain. Joseph reunites with his brothers, though hostile, allows them to bring Israelites to Egypt. Although Joseph was confrontational towards his brothers, it was more of a lesson rather than a revenge plot. To demonstrate, Joseph states,” But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and

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