Saving the Coral Reefs

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Introduction to Coral Reefs: Coral reefs along our coasts are the richest habitats on the planet and are homes to countless animal species. There are at least hundreds of marine species in the reef. Coral reefs take a long time to grow. They grow at a rate up to 2 cm per year. Corals grow in different shapes depending on their type of class. Some might resemble brains, trees, honeycombs and others. Coral reefs are important because they protect the shore from storms, and provide medicines, and provide a home for millions of marine species. Coral reefs are a huge tourist attraction. During the breeding season, people like to dive directly into the reef. Coral reefs are like rainforests under-water. They are mostly found on tropical seas. Coral have many different functions and some corals need sunlight to survive. To some people coral reefs are generally warm, beautiful, colorful fishes, and the clear waters. Corals stay in one place, they don’t move around that much. Types of Reefs and Corals: The most common type of reef is the fringing reef. This type of reef grows directly from the shore. They form borders and surround the islands. Barrier reefs are similar to fringing reefs in because they to border a shore. Instead of growing directly out from the shore, they are separated from land by a stretch of water. They are made out of tiny animals called ‘polyps’. The touch and shape of the corals depends on what type of fish they are, the ones that are smooth and
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