Savoury Ice Cream Pr Brief

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Opening statement
We are the Skyline consultancy and the Savoury Ice Cream campaign is designed and planned by:.......

Our client is Bill and Joey’s (“B&J”), a newly formed British company who are planning to produce a savoury ice cream product for the UK market.

Executive summary

The skyline consultancy has been asked to plan a campaign for the B&J Company which will be launching a range of savoury ice cream in the UK. We will carry out market analysis which identifies the target market, followed by the communications strategy and target market objectives. The budget allocated is £ 50,000 for a national PR campaign.

Skyline background

Skyline is a marketing consultancy and Public Relation (PR) Agency. Skyline was
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Political factors
The political factors to consider are firstly the Food Standards Agency, who is responsible for the health and hygiene for all food which are produced within Britain. Changes in legislation are another political aspect we need to recognise which may affect our business. The coalition government amended the equal opportunity act this year, as well as introducing further changes in corporation tax amongst other measures which B&J will have to monitor.

Economical factors
The increase in VAT to 20% is a major issue for our concept, as it results increases in cost of goods. This is due to the coalition’ government’s policies of reducing Britain’s budget deficit, causing reduction in disposable incomes as wages stagnate. (Finch, 2010) This will fuel higher inflation which at 3%, is above the 2% target, fuelling higher costs for basic goods. Furthermore unemployment averaging 7% is an important issue to take into consideration for our business. The consequences of unemployment results with consumers struggling with daily expenses, therefore unable to purchase premium goods.

Social factors
In relation to social factors this table see appendix 3, emphasises the culture of UK lifestyles with consumers admitting that due to busy lifestyles they have neglected their health.
In relation to the long working hours within Britain, A large amount of people admit to consume food without checking nutritional content, fuelling obesity. Consequently

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