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1. Introduction 6
2. Methodology 6
3. UK Hospitality Industry overview 6
3.1 Introduction to UK Hotel Industry 7
3.2 Introduction to SAVOY Hotel 7
4. PESTEL, SWOT, Competitive advantage
4.1 Pestel analysis of SAVOY Hotel 8
4.2 Swot analysis of
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Political - Political environment is a key factor, as it affects not just hotels but hospitality as whole. Government is currently working on simplifying Chinese and Russian visas and reducing tourism VAT, which would attract more people into the country. The Savoy is luxury hotel and room prices are not cheap, rates starts at £400 per night. With reduced VAT and simplified visas more tourists’ would visit country, due to hotels supreme location hotel stands a good chance on attracting more guests.
Economical - National macro-economic situation and events impacting the environment are major factors affecting the Savoy hotel. For example, during the Olympic games and Queens Jubilee most of the rooms were occupied and booked fully for the whole period. However, the situation was completely different once the Olympic Games were over. Additional economic factors that affect Savoy may include slow economic growth, national taxation policies and seasonality.

Socio-cultural - Nowadays it is all about healthy eating, great food is one of the factors that helped Savoy establish its brand. Changing people habits and developed taste for top quality food and service attracts lots of guests from all over the world. Hotel is also in the great location, close to the popular west end theatres including the Savoy theatre,
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